Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: The New Oil

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency is a $2 Trillion industry with hundreds of thousands of jobs and opportunities available for people of various skills as the young industry grows rapidly

The industry is filled with skilled people like programmers, social media managers, article writers, Authors, freelancers, business managers, teachers, graphic designers, web developers, Cartoon illustrators, Brand specialists, Researchers, online educators, copywriters, app developers, YouTubers, software developers, Tv presenters, team leaders, business executives, translators, project managers, market traders, Investors, UI/UX designers, Advertisers, digital marketers, photographers, entrepreneurs, video editors, journalists, community managers, customer service agents, secretaries, virtual personal assistants, project ambassadors and so many more.

The world experienced a financial crisis between 2007/2008 which prompted an anonymous person or group of people called Satoshi Nakamoto to create a new form of money – Bitcoin – a digital currency (the first cryptocurrency) with a finite amount that can be sent through the internet from one person to another without the need of a third party.

An innovative internet technology called Blockchain was created to support the existence of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, currently about 5000 of them. Blockchain is a database for storing records/ transactions in a manner that everyone can have access to the database and be a part of it, to bring more transparency and credibility.

Application of Blockchain technology has been extended to various other sectors including Healthcare, Real estate, Digital identity, Media and Entertainment, Law, Retail Fashion and luxury, Sports etc.

In a world where data is the new oil, Blockchain and cryptocurrency have been identified as an innovation that will disrupt the global economy.

This industry is a fast-growing one with jobs and opportunities that pay higher than usual wages and reward. Most times, these jobs/opportunities are remote. Work from your own convenience while you earn up to $1000 monthly in a less competitive industry.  However, for one to offer services in the industry, a basic or intermediate knowledge level of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency is required.

Why should I be in this Industry?

This industry is just over 11 years old, fast-growing and disrupting the global economy. Only 1% of the global population knows or participates in Blockchain/cryptocurrency. The space of growth is extremely wide, being an early player will pay off exceedingly.

Talents are highly required as not many people understand Blockchain/cryptocurrency, which means the competition is less in a high paying industry.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: The New Oil

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