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The Alchemy of Startups

The Alchemy of Startups: When & How to Pivot

Chaos What do you do when the company you sacrificed your career, savings, gratification and personal relationships for is on the verge of collapse? This was me deep in thoughts…
pan africa

Pan-Africanism: The Way out or a Deadly path

What does Pan-Africanism mean? Pan-Africanism. I’ve had the time to reflect on a lot of subtle and sensitive issues, ones we don’t seem to talk about quite often and I’ll…
blockchain projects trying to hit the mark but missing the target

Why blockchain projects fail

The Origin Satoshi Nakamoto had a very simple vision – to create a democratic financial system that is beyond the control of single entities like governments and banks who are…
Where is the money

Where is the Money?

The fraudulent design Take a look around you and ask yourself – why the hardest working people are not the richest ones on earth? Why are teachers, farmers, construction workers…
Born to fail in a land full of treasures

Born to fail in a land full of treasures

No human wish to give birth to an offspring that is destined to fail in life, maybe not African parents. They spend the first 3 months of your life, prophesying…