Born to fail in a land full of treasures

Born to fail in a land full of treasures

No human wish to give birth to an offspring that is destined to fail in life, maybe not African parents.

They spend the first 3 months of your life, prophesying positive words of prayers into you hoping you’re the glory child that will change the story for their lineage.

I guess that explains why I was named Oluwashina (God opens a way), when goods things happened to my family when I was still a fetus in my mom’s belly.

This child will rule nations, he/she will be doctor, he/she will be a teacher and he/she will be a lawyer….

Millions of Nigerian kids were told that mystical prophesy but it’s ironic how fast forward 18 years from their birth, they are sipping bottles of codeine, heavily dependent on drugs or slowly dying away at the cold hands of depression.

In a land full of treasures, why are people wasting away? I grew up with too many geniuses who never saw the light of day.

Too many friends with potential who never made anything useful out of it and settled for a simple life. I’ve seen too many people’s hope rot.

Here is why- The land of treasures is venomous! It sinks its fangs of poverty, corruption, bitterness and zero opportunities into your delicate innocent heart immediately you’re born

Only a lucky few escape this venomous bite, and on the road to escaping, it’s another fight entirely. Be prepared for it.

It took me 20 years of my life to figure out the trap the crooked system set for me – an endless cycle of hopelessness filled with regret and tears.

I’m lucky to have figured out an escape route from the land of treasures. I found a place to express my inner genius – Blockchain and cryptocurrency.

I’m looking forward to raising up a million young folks like me through career opportunities and product solutions I will be working on that can ease the livelihood of billions of Africans.

Now read with your full attention. Here is a piece of million-dollar advice by one of my mentors

Step one in the process, scramble up in your projects

And head to the heights where big coke is processed

You gotta convince them that you’re not from the precinct

– Jay Z

Let me break what this means to you.

Step one in the process, scramble up in your projects

Jesus Christ isn’t coming to help you. No government is coming to hand a job to you.

Wake up to reality and get your head in the game.

Learn valuable skills that is in high demand. (Of course, I’m not going to list them. Do your research Garfield!)

Perfect your skill and make sure you’re extremely good at it. Keep learning and keep upgrading yourself

And head to the heights where big coke is processed

Pick a highly lucrative industry to offer your skills/product and lockdown that niche, for example, Blockchain and cryptocurrency, Health, Finance and Technology.

These are industries that are quite very boring and technical, but if you could use your skills to help scale business. You will be highly rewarded for it!

For instance, if you’re a copywriter, start looking into the finance industry. That’s an industry that requires some extra level of genius and pays heavily well.

You gotta convince them that you’re not from the precinct

Learn how to position yourself as an expert, put your content out there. Let your works speak for you. Nobody knows a silent genius but the world celebrates the genius they know.

There are possibly people who can play football better than Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi but we don’t know them. The ones we know are the world’s best!

I was born to fail in a land full of treasures but I rewrote my story. I was born to win!

Thanks for reading this. I’m celebrating my birthday today and I wanted to share some golden eggs with you. I hope you found it valuable. Say a few words of prayer for me.

Many thanks.

Oluwashina Peter

(The world’s greatest marketer)

18 thoughts on “Born to fail in a land full of treasures”

  1. I put your pain in a cadence. Turned your brain up a wavelength,and now you’re ‘re soaring skywards…. Happy birthday man. I’m so proud of you man.

  2. If only words could define your impacts and voltages on humanity, Then I wouldn’t explicating over and over..
    You’re such a sort of success focused individual whom had always lined the word “nerd” and “failure to shame”.

    On the beautiful and courteous day of yours, I pray thy creator continue to preserve your life upon goodness, wellness and excellent conducts.

    Keep it scholar! Its ya day today.

    Spark it on!

  3. Happy birthday man God bless your new age n keep increasing you on every side

    You re indeed a brave genius keep d good work going n keep soaring higher
    This is really educative

  4. This is the best birthday gift to give out to people.
    Not everyone will take cognizance of it but those that have witnessed the failure in the land of treasure will understand from the beginning to the end.
    Thanks for making an impact.
    You are the real MVP.

  5. Deebom, Ledum Dumkui

    Meeting you was a blessing for me, have learned a lot from you, wishing you greater heights in all your endeavors

  6. Well, when I opened this I didn’t expect anything less than a motivating, captivating, educating and eye opening words cos that all u do everytime and you’ve delivered once again, I just look back at where we’ve been coming from and realized you’ve really gone far and you’re just getting started cos the sky is just d beginning for u bro. Less I forget, I say a very Happy birthday to you from here, I wish you a long and successful life with more assets. Enjoy your day bruv, I’d have gifted you some altcoins today but the market is bleeding already ?

  7. Okerinde Olamilekan

    T his is really thought provoking. Being limitless in a society that has so many limitations. I am glad I know you, the knowledge you give out is priceless. May the fountain of knowledge never get dry.
    Jah bless your new age bro. Shine on like a star that you are.

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