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How to sell your skills to multi-million dollar blockchain and cryptocurrency companies to earn over $1000 monthly

The Blockchain and cryptocurrency industry just like every other industry requires the collection of various skills to function and blossom.

One of the numerous ways to make money in the industry asides investing in cryptocurrencies is to sell your skills and services online in exchange for money, usually higher than other industries and most times these jobs are REMOTE. Imagine working from home at your pace and convenience.

I usually like to categorize the sets of skills required in the industry into two

  1. The ones who build e.g. Programmers, web developers, app developers, software developers, Team leaders, Business executives, Investors, UI/UX Designers, Lawyers etc.
  2. The ones who sell e.g. Digital marketers, photographers, YouTubers, social media managers, graphic designers, Tv presenters, Copywriters, community managers, writers, customer service, ambassadors etc.

Of course there are thousands of skills in both categories but I wouldn’t want to list them all, I will need about an hour of your time for that.

Each one of those skills is extremely important without one important than the other, although they bear different responsibilities and subsequently more pay than each other.

There are tons of blockchain companies/projects out there that are in dire need of your skills, a huge plus if you understand the basics of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The big question is how do you reach them and get them to notice you?

Let me explain this using a story…..

During my NYSC (National Youth Service corps), I was assigned to the Agro allied Community development scheme. We had gatherings every Friday where we had group discussions most of which were mouth-dry boring, sorry not sorry.

Every time, I would contribute to the discussions and deliver valuable opinions. It went on for a while till I was chosen to give a talk on any topic of my choice.

I decided to talk about Money (Hot topic that everyone needed to listen to), I gave an outstanding talk and won my way into the hearts of many.

When it was time to select a new president for the CDS group, guess who everyone wanted? You’re right…..me!

The 5-Step strategy

Here is the 5-step unfailing strategy to landing jobs and opportunities in the blockchain industry that I developed and mastered over the past 5 years.

The first step is to be in the same environment or platforms where blockchain companies are e.g. social media, seminars etc.

The second step to engage them and show them what you’re capable of.

The third step is to identify the problems they need solutions to (which your skill solves), offer a brief helping hand to get them high on your cocaine supply. No one refuses free service.

The fourth step is delivering high valuable service during the brief helping period.

The fifth step is keep building your reputation, credibility and social capital. Share your past accomplishments. Don’t be shy. Sell yourself. Now sit back and watch high ticket offers flow in.

This strategy has landed me in the marketing teams of million dollar projects numerous times.

However, applying directly and referrals are great way of landing gigs but the 5-step strategy increases your chances by 400%.

Leverage on the 5-step strategy and you will never have to look for a job in the blockchain/cryptocurrency industry or any other.

If you would like to learn about the basics of blockchain and cryptocurrency, careers and opportunities in the industry and full guide to the 5-step strategy. Click here

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  2. It’s awesome reading your writing and I am enlighten on this topic. I wish to join you in this multi-million naira industry some day

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