Blockchain Education Layers

The 3 Layers of education to drive blockchain adoption

Education is the key to onboarding the next 1 Billion people into the blockchain/web3 industry. There are different entities involved in the process and a strategic approach needs to be taken to ensure we figure this out correctly to reach the 1B users mark at scale.

Layer 1 involves Governments, Regulators, Lawmakers and everything else affiliated with law and order.

Layer 2 involves Talents and contributors like entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, storytellers, ambassadors, journalists, marketers and everything else involved.

Layer 3 involves the general public, people who will actually use these products to make their own lives better.

I was hosted on a Rarebirds podcast where I dove into these layers of education in-depth. Below are some of the highlights of the discussion

  • Learn About the Three Layers
    • Regulators
    • Programmers, Builders & Operators
    • The Public
  • Understanding Layer 1: Regulators & Their Responsibility
  • Understanding Layer 2: Business, Tech & Other Operators
    • The Importance of Talent
    • Creating Products that Solve Real Problems
    • The Blockchain Education Problem
    • The Need for More Communicators in the Blockchain Space
    • The Role Creators Should Play in the Blockchain Space
  • Marketers As a Part of the Design Phase
  • Being Obsessed with the Users/Consumers of the Product
  • Managing all Three Layers & Changing Lives with Blockchain Technology

You can listen below. Enjoy

Podcast by Rarebirds

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